North Pacific Fisheries Association


Jul 11-15.  International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade (IIFET), Aberdeen, Scotland
Jul 15-16.  Copper River Wild! Salmon Festival, Cordova
Jul 19.  ASMI will facilitate a day of "speed-dating" style meetings for the buyers and Alaska Seafood industry in Seattle. Contact Nicole Stangeland at
Jul 27-28. EM Working Group, Anchorage
Aug 6.  Great American Seafood Cookoff, New Orleans
Aug 8-10.  FishAdapt - a global conference on Climate Change Adaptation for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Bangkok
Aug 16.  Alaska Primary Election   Absentee Voting
Aug 16-20.  Aleutian Life Forum, Unalaska
Aug 18.  BOF ACR Request Deadline
Aug 21-25.  American Fisheries Society, Kansas City
Aug 22-26.  NPRB Science Panel, Anchorage
Aug 31.  EM Working Group, Teleconference
Sep 6-8.  Seafood Expo Asia, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Sep 13-15.  NPRB Advisory Panel, Anchorage
Sep 19-23.  NPRB, Sitka
Sep20-22. SE Conference Annual Meeting, Petersburg
Sep 26-28.  UFA Board, Anchorage Clarion Suites
Oct 3-11.  NPFMC, Anchorage
Oct 4.  Comment deadline for BOF Work Session
Oct 11-13.  Pacific Salmon Commission Fall meeting, Vancouver BC
Oct 12-14.  Smoke Seafood School, Kodiak
Oct 18-20.  BOF Work Session.  Kenai/Soldotna
Oct 25-27.  ASMI All hands, Captain Cook, Anchorage
Nov 1-4.  Center for Salmon and Society Workshop: Long-term Challenges to Alaska‚Äôs Salmon and Salmon-Dependent Communities, Anchorage
Nov 2-13.  PICES 2016 Annual Meeting, San Diego
Nov 8.  Alaska General Election.  Absentee Voting
Nov 10-11. HACCP, Kodiak
Nov 14.  Comment deadline for BOF Lower Cook Inlet Finfish
Nov 14-18.  Seafood Processing Quality Control Training, Kodiak
Nov 17-19.  Pacific Marine Expo (aka Fish Expo), Seattle
Nov 28-Dec 1.  BOF Lower Cook Inlet Finfish, Homer
Nov 29-30.  IPHC Interim Meeting, Seattle
Nov 30-Dec 2.  Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS), Rotterdam
Dec 6-14.  NPFMC, Anchorage Date Change, Council starts on Thursday
Dec 27.  Comment deadline for BOF Kodiak Finfish


Jan 9-13.  Pacific Salmon Commission post season meeting, Vancouver BC
Jan 23-27.  IPHC Annual Meeting, Victoria
Jan 10-13.  BOF Kodiak Finfish, Kodiak
Jan 28-Feb 7. NPFMC, Seattle
Feb 6-10.  Alaska Forum on the Environment, Anchorage
Feb 9.  Comment deadline for BOF Upper Cook Inlet Finfish
Feb 13-17.  Pacific Salmon Commission 32nd Annual Meeting, Portland, OR
Feb 22-25.  Pacific Seabird Group 44th Annual, Tacoma
Feb 23-Mar 8.  BOF Upper Cook Inlet Finfish, Anchorage
Feb 27.  Comment deadline for BOF Statewide King and Tanner Crab and Supplemental Issues
Mar 6-11. PICES/ICES Symposium 2017, Victoria, BC
Mar 27-31.  NPRB Science Panel, Seattle
Apr 24-27.  NPRB Advisory Panel, Anchorage
May 1-5.  NPRB Spring Board Meeting, Anchorage
May 9-12.  Wakefield Symposium:  Impacts of the Environment on the Dynamics of High-Latitude Fish and Shellfish, Anchorage
Mar 13-17.  BOF statewide king and tanner crab, supplemental issues, Anchorage
Mar or May.  North American Association of Fisheries Economists Forum, La Paz, MX
Apr 10.  BOF proposals due for 2017/2018 cycle
Aug 18.  BOF ACR Request Deadline
Aug 29-24.  American Fisheries Society, Tampa
Oct 4.  Comments due to BOF Work Session
Oct 18-19.  BOF Work Session, Anchorage
Oct 17-19.  Pacific Salmon Commission Fall meeting, US Location TBD
Nov 17.  Comments due to BOF Prince William Sound finfish
Dec 1-5.  BOF Prince William Sound Finfish, Valdez
Dec 28.  Comments due to BOF SE/Yakutat finfish and shellfish


Jan 11-23.  BOF Southeast and Yakutat Finfish and Shellfish, Ketchikan
Jan 22-26.  IPHC Annual Meeting, Portland
Feb 23.  Comments due to BOF Statewide Dungeness, Shrimp
Mar 6-9.  Statewide Dungeness Crab, Shrimp, and other Misc Shellfish (except Se and Yakutat), Anchorage